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MaltaOnlineShopping.Com is adding a range of small wooden barrels that can hold, mature and dispense whiskey, distillates and, liquors and other spirits. Like large whiskey casks, these miniature wooden casks are made from oak wood and charred on their inside and therefore would also mature, oaken and colour whiskey and spirits albeit at a much faster rate due to a higher contents to surface area ratio.

These oak barrels come with a wooden stand, tap and bung as a standard dark finish with 4 brass hoops. If preferred the wooden taps can be replaced with longer lasting brass ones.

These wooden barrels are a must have for any whiskey enthusiast and do make a great legacy or wedding gift and exquisitely blend within a farmhouse or house of character decor at bar, restaurant and wine cellar.

2,3,5 Litre Oak Wood Casks with Brass Hoops & Taps

RIGHT: The BM01.Ch.Br small oak barrels are meant for whiskey and spirits maturing and serving. This batch comes in a dark, rustic finish with four brass rings, a wooden stand, a wooden or brass tap and bung. Other dispensing tap options are available.


BM01.02.Ch.Br Price: 96 Euros including 18% VAT
(Approx. Volume 2 Liters )

BM01.03.Ch.Br Price: 108 Euros including 18% VAT
(Approx. Volume 3 Liters )

BM1.05.Ch.Br Price: 128 Euros including 18% VAT
(Approx. Volume 5 Liters )

Brass Tap Price: 16 Euros including 18% VAT

Delivery: FREE within Malta
Small wooden barrels for wine - Malta online gift shopping
Small wooden barrels for whiskey - Malta online gift shopping

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