Wall hanging corkscrew in Malta
MaltaOnlineShopping.Com is a Malta based online outlet that offers unique and hard to find wine related gifts such as

Wall hanging corkscrew in antique or classic style

and pocket sized wine bottle cork opener concealed as a pen.

These traditional wall hanging corkscrews are hand, crank and lever operated. The corkscrew is manually twisted into the corked bottle and held at the bottom. Once the corkscrew handle is hooked, the lever is manually down stocked and thus effortlessly uncorks the bottle.

artistic wall hanging corkscrew

Artistic style wall mounted corkscrew

Item code: WBF305 Wall mountable cork screw made from brass in an antique vintage style.

199 Euros incl. VAT

wall mounted cork opener in bronze

Classic style wall hanging corkscrew

Item code: WBF170 A classic wall mounted cork opener made in brass and 'bronze like finished'.

199 Euros incl. VAT

pocket cork opener

Pocket cork puller

Item code: WBF308 small, 'pen like' pocket sized wine bottle cork opener.

27 Euros incl. VAT

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At MaltaOnlineShopping.Com we are pleased to offer original and artisan made

Wall hanging wine bottle corkscrews in brass and bronze finish and pocket cork openers

These traditional wall mounted corkscrews are ideal for cellar, restaurants and homes and do make an ideal heirloom or wedding gift.

If you are in Malta and interested in viewing or purchasing any of our small wooden barrels or other wine related gifts feel free to contact us. We can also ship our items to international customers and can also accept paypal payments.

Contact: MaltaOnlineShopping.Com
phone 00356 21 632623 / e-mail info@maltawebshop.com
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